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Miracle A/S was founded in the year 2000 in a garage near Copenhagen and has been proliferating significantly since. Today Miracle approaches 160 employees and delivers IT services to more than 250 diverse companies in Denmark. Miracle is a total supplier of IT operation, implementation, and development, and our core output consists of project development, database administration, consultancy services, mobile development, ERP solutions and hosting services. Miracle was formerly known as the no. 1 Oracle database expert in Denmark, however, while we still uphold this unofficial status, we now possess significant expertise within Microsoft SQL Server as well, and we employ some of the country’s most acute experts within both fields. Apart from 24/7 support, emergency consulting and problem solving, Miracle’s operations department offers regular online checks, and our experts have many years of experience in conducting databases, application servers and operating systems. In recent years Miracle’s development units have taken on increasingly large projects in the public sector and in the corporate world and business critical enterprise solutions has become one of our specialties. We develop tailored software solutions on a series of platforms including Microsoft .Net and a variety of open source platforms counting Java, Sun, Scala, and JBoss within which Miracle employs some of the country’s most specialised developers and architects. Lately Miracle has been successful in developing mobile applications for several costumers – both on iPhone, Windows, Phone, Android and Blackberry platforms – and our developers are of the country’s absolute elite. Miracle’s premises are located all over Denmark. While our headquarters are located near Copenhagen, we have a large development unit in Aarhus, and our accounts department is located near Odense. Currently Miracle is establishing an office in Esbjerg to make it easier for our employees to be near our costumers in the area. Miracle Buddyshop, a subsidiary company to Miracle, is an IT consultancy employing more than 100 consultants, which provides extra resources for Miracle to draw on if necessary or if requested by costumers. Miracle Hosting, another subsidiary company to Miracle, is an integrated part of Miracle and their modern facilities, located in Miracle’s headquarters, include a new data centre. Miracle’s motto is “We Dare, We Share, We Care”, which expresses our guiding principles as for costumers and society in general. We believe in thinking out of the box in order to meet or exceed our costumers’ expectations, and we are not afraid of sharing our knowledge. Furthermore, we genuinely care for our costumers’ businesses and we are aware of the significance our interferences have. In Miracle costumers are regarded as friends, and our primary interest is to create IT solutions that underpin our customers’ business propositions; we do not hesitate to suggest more beneficial or cost-effective solutions that may at times differ from what our customers initially envision. Miracle also runs an educational institution, Miracle IT Teachers, a yearly technical conference, Miracle Open World, and we manage a free of charge workspace near Copenhagen, Miracle Geekhouse, intended for upcoming entrepreneurs, students and people in between jobs. Among Miracle’s current costumers are: Region Midt, Bredbånd Nord, Energinet, 15 municipals,.


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Skanderborgvej 232
Aarhus, Viby J DK 8260

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Main Location
Borupvang 2C
Ballerup, DK 2750
Miracle Copenhagen
Borupvang 2C
Ballerup, Capital Region of Denmark DK 2750